About Me

I have been involved in printmaking for over 40 years beginning with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Brigham Young University and a Masters degree in printmaking from the University of New Mexico.  In 1987  I completed the Printer Training Program at the Tamarind Institute and became a Tamarind Master Printer in lithography.

I was not satisfied with the available lithographic drawing materials and in 1988 I developed my own formulas and began to manufacture, market and sell Stones Crayons.  My formulas for crayons and tusche were, in my opinion far superior to the materials that were previous available.  They were smoother to work with, more forgiving to etch, easier to use and less expensive.   I promoted Stones Crayons for almost 20 years before selling the company to give me time to teach full time.

In the mid 90’s there was no one in the world that was making the specialized leather covered lithographic printing rollers.  In 1997 I worked through the process of hand stitching the leather seams and hand crafting the rollers to become the major supplier of lithographic rollers in the United States and shipping many rollers internationally. I continue to craft and ship leather lithographic rollers all over the world.

My prints have been exhibited in China and the US.  In 2009 I was invited to make prints at the International Print Base in Guanlan, China where I was commissioned to make a print for the mayor of Shenzhen.

From my studio in Olympia Washington I operate  Trilobite Workshop where I do collaborative lithography,  manufacture the leather rollers for lithography, as well as my own work.  During my 40 years of printmaking I have built my own press as well as a reputation as one of the top lithographers in the US as well as being recognized internationally.


Brigham Young University 1976

B.F.A. Fine Art – Printmaking emphasis

University of New Mexico 1986

M.A. Fine Art – Printmaking emphasis

Tamarind Institute 1987

Master Printer

Artists I have collaborated with professionally: (Partial List)

Robert Fichter                                    George Miyasaki                               Robert Kushner

Billy Al Bengston                              Joy Laville                                           Judy Smith

Susan Zimmerman                           Gene Collins                                        Joe Almyda

Charles Mattox                                  David Hare                                          Frank Ettenberg

Rita Abby                                             Simon Kogan                                      Shoichi Ida

Keiko Hara                                           Terry Allen                                         Jin BaoPing

Catherine Gill                                      Karen Butler                                      Keith Achepohl



Brigham Young University – One man show

Davidson National

Bradley National

Pierce College – One man show

2006    Southern Graphics Council – Group Show

2007    Pacific Lutheran University – One Man Show

2008    Washington Printmakers Annual exhibition

2009    Jin Bi Culture and Entertainment Center , Macao                  .

2009   Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

2010    Shenzhen City Government building

2010    Shenzhen,  Guanlan Original Printmaking Base

2011    Guanlan International 3rd Biennial

2011    Columbia College – “Works on Paper”

2012    Central College – One man show

2012    Grays Harbor College Invitational Print Exhibition

2013     Guanlan International exhibition – Shenzhen, China

2014    Tacoma Art museum – “Ink This, Printmaking in the North West”