The Little Things

It is the little things that really matter.  Not that the big things are not important, they are. Maybe it is the things that we lose that really become important.  I have lots of big things to be grateful for.  I am running, biking, doing some weight training at the Y, playing racquetball and even some yoga.  I am even in the middle of a major home renovation. I got a lot of the big stuff. I am pretty functional. It is the little things that I find myself wishing for.  The ability to write a simple sentence or my name. (granted my signature has been unreadable for decades.) But when I sign something now and it looks like it should, I now give myself a mental high five.  The little thing of being able to shave with one hand, or shine a pair of shoes without making an afternoon project of it. Sometimes it is the ability to form words and speak without a little slur or swallow without effort.  You know the little things.  In life I think it is the little things that also mean the most. It is not the grandiose gesture but the small tender act of kindness that become great in its simplicity.  Perhaps a small blessing of PD is a greater appreciation of the little things, both the ones I still have and the ones I’ve losing.