Exercise – Push yourself

My neurologist commented that I should push myself and that exercise is the most important treatment to stave off PD. With that tasty bit of information I have been trying to do that, push myself.  I had been biking 10 miles at a time.  Is that pushing myself, I thought. Well I like to bike and I do sweat but I could ride farther, so I biked 15 miles.  Then I started to think, where does it stop, 20 miles, 30 miles.  I don’t have time to ride for 4 hours every day. It could make a person go crazy.  I found this shirt design at shirtwoot.com that seemed to fit my situation.


I sometimes feel like I am being pursued by a monster and I have to stay ahead of it.  Some days I am out in front maintaining my distance and other days I can feel the monster’s breath on the back of my tired stiff neck.  I guess one of the small blessings of PD is the incentive factor to exercise and find the time to do it and enjoy the process.  I will take all the small victories and positives I can get.