Waxing Philosophical

This section of my website is a very personal one. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It started out with a problem with my hand writing. I would start writing and then the letters would quickly begin to degrade getting smaller and smaller and finally just becoming an awkward scribble. Initially I thought it was something like carpel tunnel, an easy fix. But it wasn’t carpel tunnel. When the final diagnosis came down it seemed surreal. I thought wow, I did not see that coming. Now what do I do? What will the outcome be? Can I still draw? Will I still be able to make prints?

I have felt a need to write about my experience with this disease, why I am not sure. But even being somehow compelled to write about my Parkinson’s it is still hard. Writing it down and making it public somehow makes it more real, more acute.

It is strange that before you have something you feel like it is rather exclusive, like buying a red car. After you have the red car, it seems like there are many more than you ever expected. Now that I have Parkinson’s, the disease pops up seemingly all the time. Apparently there are a lot of us out there. Unfortunately that is not a good thing. Give me the red car instead.

This area of my website will give me the space to wax philosophical on Parkinson’s as well as other topics that may relate to my life, my art, my family, my spirituality and other matters of importance.