The First Fate

The 3 Fates are found in Greek and Roman mythology.  I explored the Fates many years ago when I was an under graduate.  My interpretation was abstract and reflected the  ideas of indestructible youth.

3 fates print

I seemed to be focused more on the idea of 3 and not so much on the implications of the Fates.

It is the fates that determine your life and its end.  That is pretty significant stuff.  The first fate is Clotho the spinner.  She spins and weaves the thread of life .  My concept of Clotho has changed a lot over the years.  I see her currently being represented by a bird, building weaving compulsively. The bird just felt right.  I  have always seen birds as magical, smart and iconic, timeless fragile and enduring.  I also wanted the concept of the fates to be more personal.   Clotho is the spinner but she is also the beginning of life, the journey and the dance. It must then include youth and life from a beginning.  The first Fate includes a portrait of Lucy my newest grand daughter.  The inclusion of portraits of family members adds the tie that I am looking for.  I started laying out this first Fate image  and will include some of the sketches soon.